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About VMS > Founding Members and Current Partners
Mr Ramesh Sheth (MS, Stanford Univ.)
Founding Member, VMS Group

Has an experience of over 50 years and 1200 projects in the field of structural engineering. He has been instrumental in significant innovations in the practice of steel design in the industrial sector in India. When not immersed in structural engineering, he indulges in his alternate vocation of a financial analyst.

Dr Rasu N Vakil (Ph.D., Univ of Wisconsin, Madison)
Founding Member, VMS Group

Dr Rasu Vakil, is an eminent academician. He serves on numerous academic Committees in Gujarat and is Hon. Director of Centre for Environmental Planning and Design (CEPT) Ahmedabad.

Dr Mahendra R. Mehta (Ph.D., Univ of Illinois, Urbana Champaign)
Founding Member, VMS Group

Has more than fifty years of experience working on a diverse range of projects. He enjoys computer programming and has developed numerous customized applications for VMS.

Ms Alpa Sheth (M. Engg., Univ. of California, Berkeley)
Partner, Vakil Mehta Sheth

Has a wide experience of over two decades in design of tall buildings besides large business parks, malls and industries. She is keenly interested in earthquake and wind engineering and serves on numerous Committees of the Bureau of Indian Standards. When not at work, she writes short stories or is off on birding trips to the Himalayas